Quando hai bisogno di un idraulico?


We all deal with plumbing fixtures everyday. Every time we flush the toilet, we expect the used water to drain away and the tank to fill up the toilet bowl. Each time we use the shower, we see the dirty water draining away and we know that clean water is just waiting on the other side of the tap. It’s all good, until it’s not. Water can create a huge mess and can be potentially dangerous if you have a fixture that is not working properly.

Clogs are one of the main plumbing problems that we encounter. Trying to stop clogs before they occur is one way to ensure that your water continues to flow properly around your house. Clogged toilets can happen for a variety of reasons, but are mainly due to large items being accidentally flushed. Kids can be fascinated by the whirlpool effect when you flush, and will let toy cars and little stuffed animals go for a ride. As the pipes leading away from your toilet get narrower as they leave the toilet bowl, this can pose a major problem. If you can plunge you way free, you won’t need to call a plumber, but if this doesn’t work, it is best to call in the professionals to take off the pipes and free the item.

Clogs can happen in the kitchen as well as the bathroom and usually occur when food debris gets trapped in a greasy mess along the walls of your pipes. With this type of clog, you probably won’t be able to plunge your way out successfully, and unless a store-bought product or a plumbing snake is effective you will have to call your trusty plumber for help.

Plumbers also deal with leaky pipes, burst pipes, frozen pipes, fixtures that cease to work and of course clogs. They work with all the different pipes in your home and will be consulted on any new builds or additions to make sure the plumbing is to code in your area. They do work on sewer lines and the mains so their work is not entirely done indoors. Any time you encounter a problem with water coming in, moving around or leaving your home, the best thing to do is call in the professionals. They have the tools and the know how to get your fixtures working and restore the flow of water to your home.

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