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A plumber is a professional tradesman that is responsible for the water flowing into, around and out of your home. He deals with the pipes and the fixtures that we utilize each and every day and will keep them working in optimal condition.

A plumber has an arsenal of tools at his disposal and some of them are tools that most people are familiar with. Items like screwdrivers, wrenches, wire brushes, tape measures, levels, Allen wrenches, small ball hammers, files, putty knives and utility knives are things that we have around our homes, but a plumber also utilizes a lot of other things that are helpful to him every day. You may have a toilet plunger, but other than that, which plumbing tools are just hanging about in your garage?

Plumbers have snakes that they put down drains to try to remove clogs. They can be called drain snakes or augers and they are basically stainless steel lengths that are sturdy, but bendable so they can get into all the pipes with ease. Pushing a clog down and getting it into smaller pieces make it easier to dispose of and flush away.

A wire combination brush is a nifty tool that can be used to clean both the inside and the outside of copper piping. Tubing cutters makes smooth cuts in all sorts of pipe, and a propane torch is used to weld together pieces of copper pipes and fittings. There are several nifty tools that are invented just for plumbers, things like seat dressing tools that resurface worn valve seats, and a basin wrench that is used to tighten hard to reach faucet mountings.

They also work with a variety of piping, couplers, fittings and washers. Piping can either be welded together or glued with super strong waterproof adhesives. Heat resistant grease, pipe joint compound, teflon tape and plumber’s putty are all present in the tool kit and are used for various applications.

Knowing how to use these tools effectively is all part of the process of learning to be a certified professional plumber. These people work hard to ensure that our water runs freely and that it is there when we turn on the tap. If we have an issue with a plumbing fixture, indoors or out, a plumber is just a phone call away with his tools at the ready to come and remedy the situation and restore proper water function once again.

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