Installazione di uno scarico del lavello della cucina – Suggerimenti importanti da ricorda


Installing a kitchen sink drain may seem like a very tough task that requires some deep sense of technical skills. But when you know the steps that you need to take to accomplish such a project, then you would realize that it is actually just easy. Here are some tips you can take when you decide to pursue this home task:

• You have to make sure that all water sources is turned off before you even start installing a kitchen sink drain. You must place a towel right beneath the pipe that has a U shape and a bucket too so as to catch all the other water spills that may happen when you take down the old pipe.

• Use a pipe wrench to unscrew the nuts of your old sink basket. You must remove all excess water by turning the U pipe upside down. You must also remove the path where the old pipe enters the core drain.

• Clean the area where new kitchen drain will be installed. It should be free from all kinds of debris so that you can be sure it will not leak once you install a kitchen sink drain that is new.

• Before you even start with the project, you must get already a drain pipe kit for yourself. In special hardware stores, you can easily find these special drain pipe kits. These are perfect for you if you happen to be a beginner at this kind of task. It comes with a manual to let you know which components would fit together and how you would do it. All the directions that you would get to read are very easy to understand even if you do not have a plumber by your side.

• You should install the sink basket from beneath the sink. You must first put on the rubber and cardboard washers. It is highly important that the basket is centered well so that there would be no leaks along the way.

• It is very important that you read the kit’s instructions well on putting everything together back. If the connections are not secure, then there would surely be leaks. Do not forget to get plumbers tapes that you would wrap around the threads of each connection.

These are just some of the many tips that would help you to install a kitchen sink drain. Remember that you can save money and time if you will set aside getting a professional plumber to do the job. It could also be very much helpful if you would have a manual guide or a set of instructions which you can get from the kit or from any DIY site in the Net. You just need to do some thorough researching for you to be able to do chores like this successfully.

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